Turntablism DJ

Turntablism DJ

Turntablism DJ Course


Learn to manipulate sounds and create unique mixes in our Turntablism DJ course. This split-level course is designed for both beginners and those who have played around a bit at home, looking to learn effective scratching and beat juggling techniques, regardless of genre, on the latest equipment. Our Turntablism DJ course only fits up to four people, to ensure maximum playing time for each student.

Those who pass an evaluation at the end of level 201, and are up for the challenge, will get a chance to perform at our club night.  Every single student who has taken the course in LA has gone on to perform in the club, and we are looking forward to seeing what our NY crew can do!

Having comprehensive genre-specific DJ courses means learning in a like-minded environment with an instructor who is able to impart real-world experience during your class.

For students coming to NYC from out of town to take the course, please keep in mind that our club night is not always scheduled immediately following the course end date. If you are unable to make your scheduled club night, we can still include you in a future lineup!



Introduction & set up

  • Hand placement and record control
  • Setting the latency on a controller
  • Setting marks and height/weights/anti-skipping on tonearm
  • Configuring a portable turntable
  • Setting jog adjust on CDJs
  • Scratching without the fader: Scribble, Baby, Drag

Scratching with the fader

  • Correct fader technique
  • Basic fader scratches: transform, stab, military
  • Combining scratch techniques
  • Developing good habits

Advanced scratches and techniques

  • Scratching with FX
  • Scratching words, acapellas, and phrases
  • Open-fader & advanced scratches: crab, chirps, flares, triplets

Introduction to beat juggling and incorporating turntablism to the mix

  • Beat juggling intro: 2 & 1-bar backspins
  • How to combine scratching and beat juggling
  • Using scratching as a transitional tool


Advanced beat juggling and combining techniques

  • Scratch drumming
  • 1/2 & 1/4-bar backspins
  • Practicing in a group/working as a team (juggling and carousel scratches)

Building and performing your routine

  • Incorporating body tricks
  • Advanced beat juggling patterns – ghost juggling, chasing, double & triple ups
  • Creating a jaw-dropping set

Before your your show

  • Preparing your set
  • Marketing and promoting your event
  • Recording and submitting your set

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