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Pro Tools

Pro Tools Course | New York

Our Pro Tools course provides in-depth training for recording and producing music in the engineers choice, and recording & mixing studio standard DAW. It doesn’t matter what genre the music you work with is, if you want to use Pro Tools to create your tracks, this course will cover the music production and engineering skills you need. Even if you are a more experienced Pro Tools user you will benefit from this course, as all of the elements will be covered in detail, peppered with loads of practical real-world tips – giving you the edge over anyone learning any other way, or anywhere else. Total class time is 36 hours where you can ask a question and bounce off of your instructor and fellow learners exactly when you’re feeling inspired, or …confused! This is why some say that there is no substitute for music production courses in person. On successful completion of the course, you will receive an industry-recognized certificate. Check out the bottom of this page to see some comments from previous learners.

Important: Many learners these days like to use their own laptops on our courses, so we have made space in our studios for people who wish to do just that, and altered the price structure keeping the course fee low, but introducing a supplement of $75 for those learners who wish to use a school iMac loaded with Pro Tools 11. We have many more spaces than we have iMacs so please ensure you book your iMac if you need one as the course fee is non-refundable if you turn up with no workstation to work on. Controller keyboards, headphones and audio interfaces are on-site for everyone to use. The oldest version of Pro Tools acceptable is version 8, but you will get more out of the course if you have version 11.


Getting Started

  • Software installation, toolkits, iLoks & licenses
  • Avid hardware and other compatible interfaces
  • Launching Pro Tools & session start up
  • File format, bit depth & sampling rate tips
  • Pro Tools file structure and file management
  • Edit & mix window introductions



  • Edit window orientation
  • Importing audio, creating and track arranging tips
  • Edit modes – all about Slip, Spot, Shuffle & Grid
  • Multi-tool (Trimmer, Grabber, Selector)
  • Transport window – tempo, pre & post roll count off
  • Grid and nudge values


Recording & Production Techniques

  • Pro Tools and interface I/O – microphones and instruments
  • Recording techniques, punching in & out
  • Creating click tracks, playlists and loop recording
  • Auxiliary tracks, effect sends & foldback mixes
  • Memory locations and markers
  • Grouping tracks, solo modes, pre or post fader


Advanced Editing Techniques

  • Clip based gain and automation
  • Pencil tool, TCE (Time Compression Expansion Tool)
  • Strip silence and tab to transient and consolidating clips
  • Repeating and duplicating clips
  • MONO, stereo and panning
  • Overview and automation for plugins and effects


Samples & Loops

  • Creating drum loops in Pro Tools
  • MIDI controllers and editing MIDI
  • Printing software Instruments
  • Master Fader, VU and peak meters
  • Beat Detective – time correct live drums
  • Exporting audio, bouncing mixes and dithering


The Final Product

  • Preparing your session for mix-down
  • Consolidating audio and cleaning up your session
  • Exporting MP3s and Editing METADATA
  • Key command shortcuts’ review
  • 0dbfs and digital clipping


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