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Electronic DJ

Electronic Music DJ Course


Our split-level Electronic Music DJ course gets you directly into the club, if you can prove your mettle and are up to the challenge, that is. Every single student who has taken the course in LA has gone on to perform in the club, and we are looking forward to seeing what our NY crew can do! Our Electronic Music DJ course is designed for absolute beginners, as well as those who have already played around at home, who would like to learn proper techniques on the latest professional equipment and brands such as Pioneer and Native Instruments, as taught by our expert roster of Electronic DJ instructors. Group sizes are capped at only four students to ensure maximum playing time for each student. If you are looking to play electronic music genres such as Trance, Main Room, Trap, and Progressive, then this is the course for you!  To introduce our new 2017 genre-specific DJ courses we have cut the original price by over 20% for the entire year!

We have made this extensive course distinct from our Underground DJ course to ensure that students are grouped in a like-minded environment with instructors who have practical experience in the Electronic music scene. This means no dirty looks from fanatic techno instructors for playing a song with a vocal in it! We believe that learning to DJ should be FUN, not frustrating! Part of this means focusing on the music YOU want to play.

For students coming to NYC from out of town to take the course, please keep in mind that our club night is not always scheduled immediately following the course end date. If you are unable to make your scheduled club night, we can still include you in a future lineup!


Let’s Go

  • Equipment, set up, and ready to go
  • Mixer essentials
  • Beats and bars
  • Intro to beat matching
  • The structure of electronic music

Arrangement of electronic music

  • Pitch and identifying dissonance (known as clashing)
  • Where to mix in and mix out
  • Differences you need to know between Trap/Bass and ‘Four-On-The-Floor’

Building a set

  • Tips on track choice
  • Tempo
  • Set order
  • Mix points
  • Teaser mixes


  • Introduction to common FX
  • EQ
  • All about filtering
  • FX in the mix dos and don’ts

Try out all the pro hardware and software

  • Traktor S4 and S8
  • CDJ Nexus
  • Rekordbox
  • Rane Serato Scratch
  • Technics SL-1210 vinyl turntables
  • Mixed In Key


Your set

  • Fine tuning your set
  • Mixing acapellas
  • Reading a crowd and having a ‘plan b’

Advanced mixing & digital tricks

  • Sampling and triggering
  • All about delay and reverb in the mix
  • Looping and making your own mash-ups on the fly
  • Impact mixing with levels and FX
  • Body language behind the decks

Advanced set building & ad-libbing

  • Out-of-the-box song choice
  • Tempo change tips
  • Music programming

Preparing for your show

  • Recording your set for submission
  • Marketing and promoting your gig

After your show

  • How to keep the momentum going and get more gigs
  • EPK tips
  • Developing your sound


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